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Valley, Overlake, Auburn Regional, et al. Nurse Techs?

Hi, I am a nursing student at PLU finishing up my junior year... One year left! :) I have been trying to find a nurse tech job for some time now, and so far have not been successful. I am trying to look outside the big 2, Franciscan and MultiCare Health systems for work... do these hospitals employ nurse techs? Maybe under a different name or designation? I am starting to worry a little bit as my grad date nears. I am really hoping to get a tech job that could put my foot in the door for a residency when I graduate.

Any of you nurses working at hospitals in the Seattle/Tacoma/Eastside area have any suggestions? I live in Kent, and am williing to commute (I already do for school! LOL)

Thanks in advance.

tokmom, BSN, RN

Has 30 years experience. Specializes in Certified Med/Surg tele, and other stuff.

Auburn calls them CNA's and stay away from that place, IMO. I worked there for 16 yrs and left from burnout. I moved to another hospital and am very happy. No surprise to see my ARMC nurses following along.

This place has nothing but dollars in their sights and always has.

If you ever do work there, expect high pt loads, no education and managers that come and go on a revolving basis.

Last I heard it was in financial trouble. Multicare tried to buy it out a few years ago and now Franciscan has it's eyes on it. It would be the best thing that ever happened to that hospital!

IMO, don't overlook Franciscan. Huge growth potential and the education they provide for free is amazing. I'm truly happy there.

I believe Franciscan has some nurse tech position opening about couple weeks ago. I'm not sure if the the position is still available. I only saw one nurse tech position opened in multicare in the last 5 months. If you don't mind going to seattle, try Virginia Mason, Harborview, Swedish, Seattle Chhildren's or UWMC. Virginia Mason nurse techs gets hired as RN right after they graduate so it's really a good deal. I used to be a nurse tech in Harborview and I loved working there. However, it's very unfortunate they didn't have any spot for new graduate RN once I graduated so I still have to look for a RN job by myself. I do have the e-mail and phone number of the nurse recruiter in Harborview. So if you are interested, send me a private message :)

Are there any Korean nurses working at Overlake hospital right now?


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