Valley Children's NICU-Fall 2018


I graduated with my BSN in May 2018 and passed my NCLEX in July. I applied to Valley Children's NICU mid July and interviewed mid August. I feel the interview went well, but I do not have anything to compare it to, as this was my first nursing interview. I was told I would hear back in 1-2 weeks, but to keep in mind the position starts in September and I'd have to make a decision fairly quick.

Meanwhile the same position was posted on the website again. After 3 weeks of not hearing anything, I called and was told "there are multiple positions, they are still conducting interviews, and I do not need to reapply because they have my info." I was also told when everything is complete, if I do not receive an offer then I will receive an email from HR. It has almost been 5 weeks now. I am wondering if anyone else has interviewed, or has any additional information. Thank you in advance!