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I just went to buy my books for my first semester of nursing school.. Wow, sticker shock!! There are 17 books that equal over $1000. I didn't budget that, as I am paying for everything on my own. I was just wondering if any students that have completed their first semester could tell me if I really need every book. I'm a very good student that never misses class. Are there any books I can get by with out buying just by listening in class. Which books did you use the most? I don't want to look cheap or like a slacker, I'm just trying to make nursing school possible for me.


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I cant speak for the generic program because I took the bridge program, but I could have gotten away with using mainly the saunders NCLEX review book and the med/surge book. I barely used the OB/Peds book or pharmacology book. I only used the Psych book a few times.

If I were you, I would find out what the rest of the books are u need and try to get them on ebay or You could also buy the older edition of the book...they barely change anything when they make a new edition and charge double.


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You can also check out the VCC library. Often they'll have the class textbooks. You can't take them home, but you can use them as long as you stay in the library. I would also just be open about the situation with your teachers and ask for their advice. Good luck!

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