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Hi I just got accepted into the spring 2015 class at Valencia College. I would like to hear from actual students and graduates from the program. How hard can Nursing 1 be? I have a 10 month old baby. I am a little concern about time management. Any tips? What are the mandatory books I will need in order to succeed in this class. At orientation they gave us a list of books for Nursing I. I would like to know which books will help me understand better the material. They told us some books are optional.


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Hey!!! Congrats on the new baby! The difficulty of Nursing 1 would have a different answer from everyone but it IS a challenge. Mostly because the subjects and questions/testing is different from what we are taught up until now. You will definitely need your textbook. Other than that a lot of people found the fundamentals of success book to be of help. I personally preferred the review & rationale book since it LITERALLY is from the same publisher so had the same content as the book. You can DO this.... you will succeed.


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Read your book before class. Take notes during class and review afterwards. Do practice questions (I used Fundamentals Success) at the beginning of your study session and then afterwards too. My son was 10 months when we started too but I'm chugging along just fine. It is hard but you can do it.


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I am starting this fall too! I have a one year old and I plan on working part time so you're definitely not alone! My orientation is in July so I'm assuming you've started already for summer. I saw some moms in another forum would have play dates while they were in a study group :)

Good luck!