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I need to get a titer test or proof of vaccines before starting a CNA program in January. I don't know where to get a record of the vax I had back in high school as that was over a decade ago. Is there an affordable or free way to get adult immunizations? Or is there an affordable place to get titer tests for less than a hundred bucks? I've called the health department and they only referred me to clinics that charge about that much per vaccine!

Thanks for the help.

My school's health clinic offers titer and many vaccines. Check your school's health clinic to see if they have something to accommodate the nursing students, because usually they do.

I got titers few weeks ago too as I don't have records of the immunizations I did years ago, but for sure I have had it, so getting titers would be the only route to prove it, otherwise, you would have to pay a bit more to get vaccinated.

hope this helps!

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One of the local university medical centers has an occupational health dept. that only charges $25 for most titers. In most nursing programs, and for most nursing jobs, you'll need the titer results even if you have proof of vaccination, since not everyone seroconverts after the initial series of vaccinations.

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