Vacation! :)


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I just wanted to share that I am now officially on my first vacation after starting nursing! Started in June, have worked a 36+ hr week since then, and now I have no work for 2 full weeks.

Just wanted to give something for others to look forward feels VERY nice! :)

(See there IS good in nursing!):D

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Your post reminds me of my late father. After working his way through college and med school ... and then living in poverty working as a resident supporting my mother and my 2 older siblings ... he finally got his first real vacation at the age of 27.

He told his office nurse to not call him unless it was VERY urgent as he took the family on vacation. Well, she called him. Opening his mail, she found his draft notice! It was during the Korean War and they needed doctors. He had tried to enlist voluntarily twice before in order to qualify for the educational benefits -- but had been turned down for health reasons. Now that he was a fulfledged physician and there was a war, he didn't have to meet the same physical standards.

I hope your first vacation is better than my Dad's was back in 1954.

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