VA telehealth nursing question


I'm reaching out to see if anyone here works telehealth for the VA specifically on WHEN hours. I have some questions. Anyone?


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I see this is an old post but will answer..I worked for the VA and telehealth was started where I worked. The hours were M-F 8-4. An RN where I worked was assigned as the Telehealth RN and oversaw basically everything that went with it. She had no telehealth experience and all her training/education was provided by the VA. She really didn't like the job but she also didn't really have a choice as the provider she was hired to be assigned to on site left and this telehealth provider was brought on.

Most of the Vets did NOT like telehealth and the equipment seemed to always have an issue and that caused appointments to last for HOURS sometimes. There were also times when the Vets HAD to be seen in person for the issue (like a PAP or prostate exam) so this created additional work for the providers who were on site and already had a full schedule because they would get pulled to take care of things like that. 

Maybe the VA improved things since then, that was about 2 yrs ago.