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I just applied for a PACT RN at a local CBOC VA. I am curious if someone could tell me what the job all entails? What does your day look like? Is there any flexibility with being able to do some work from home, if needed (ex. sick kids)? Thank you! 

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I am not a PACT RN, but as the saying goes, if you've been to one VA, you've been to one VA. Meaning your role as a PACT RN at your local VA may look different from someone else who might reply here. At my VA, I think the PACT NCMs were able to telework some during COVID; whether they are still letting them, I'm not sure. However, the telework policy that you sign and the TMS learning module you have to do make it very clear that teleworking in order to tend to other life things, like caretaking or whatever, is not allowed. So...I would suggest you don't advertise that 🙂.


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I worked at a CBOC as a PACT RN. It was basically just like working at an MD office. M-F 5-4:30, break for lunch, vital signs, medical history, sometimes do lab work if the on site lab was busy, return calls, refill meds, EKG's, vision test. No flexibility to work from home as it's a hands on position (like an MD office). Was actually very routine most days. Providers calling out or running behind created issues as getting an appt at this CBOC took literally months (like a lot of other VAs) but otherwise, not real big deals.