VA outpatient clinic in Lake Jackson Texas


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Hi Folks.

The VA is opening a clinic here in October. I haven't worked in a long time, but want to apply for the job anyway, should it come open. Under the VA job listings I keep seeing "LVN LOPC" in the Houston Metro Area. What is LOPC? Do you think I have any chance at getting it since I am rusty? My license is still current but I haven't worked in years. I would welcome any training they would be willing to give me. I also just applied for a MA job at an occuaptional clinic, and they seemed eager to train me... but the pay would be MA pay, which doesn't make me paying for daycare feasible.....

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I can not say if they will hire you if you apply but I know the answer if you dont and that is no. Give it a try if you want, you never know. Not sure what LOPC is, thinking it might be sometype of long term care.