VA Nursing Pro’s and con’s


Would love to hear from some VA nurses, offered a job in primary care PACT nursing. Salary offer was little lower (about $200 less a paycheck), but everyone says the benefits Make up for it. I’m getting older LOL, about 12-17 yrs from retirement. Really interested in the pension. Seems like a nice gig for the VA, just a big change, private sector for over 20urs but no retirement etc


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PRO - you will have the honor & privilege of providing care to our nation's most deserving citizens. I can't think of anything BETTER than that.

The benefits are absol worth it. Esp as you look towards retirement. Education possibilities can't hurt.

*You most likely are union (good or not depending on your POV).

*Seniority & longevity - folk in civil service are known as 'lifers'. Do your job well without making enemies and your job is likely secure.

CON - on-boarding takes forever, as does most other activities.

Upward mobility can be difficult & capricious. (This I've picked up from reading postings here.)

There is a civil service 'mentality' - either you're OK with it or it's not for you. Like you have a lot of BULL to deal with at times. Early in my career, I couldn't tolerate some things. I wish I stuck it out as I tended to mellow later in my career.

*Unions usually fight tooth & nail to support the employee, often to the point that marginal, even lousy employees become 'lifers'. The emp just becomes 'teflon'ED' - everything just slides off and they become a 'lifer' in the job forever.

Just some of my musings. I'd say, GO FOR IT.