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I have just been offered a position at the VA Hospital in Martinsburg. They require 80 hrs. per pay period so they require four 12 hour shifts in one week and then two 12s and one 8 hr the next week. If I am working 48 hours a week in one week do they pay overtime for the eight hours over 40 hours. I hope someone knows the answer to this question. Thanks!


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You should ask to be sure, or check with the labor board but I believe they do have to pay OT. There may be a loophole if you agree on hire that they don't have to pay OT for that specific schedule but I'm not certain.

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No, because the 48 hours and 32 equal 80. Overtime is paid for time over the 80 hours for the pay period.


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Thanks for the information. I kind of figured they would not pay the O/T since the total time equals 80 hrs. Not sure if I am going to take the job.... huge pay cut from what I am getting now, but so much closer to home. If anyone has any input on working at the VA in Martinsburg in the ER please let me know. I am so undecided at this point I just don't know what to do. Thanks again!

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Who pays more than the VA?


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Depends on how you are "boarded" They give you a basic payrate but after they look at your credentials, things that you have done as a nurse ex. participation on committees, issues that you have helped resolve at previous employment, education. etc. They will use that to determine where you are on the pay scale.

You need to take into consideration that we have sick leave that is separate from our annual leave (vacation time). Most hospitals group all of these together in one group as PTO. You also get shift differential and weekend pay which is better than outside the system. I can schedule myself so that I can have up to 6 days in a row off. Kinda like a mini vacation without using my time.

Talk with HR to clarify these things that are peculiar to the VA system. If you work in ER there, I'm sure I will be talking with you in the work in Baltimore and we get pts. from Martinsburg all the time.

Did you look at the VA careers website? You may find some information on there.

I work 7 12 hour shifts in 2 week period. I get 4 hrs OT or comp. time for the extra 4 hours.