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Specializes in Psychiatric Nurse/Addiction Nurse.

I'm looking for a GS 7 LPN currently working at the VA. I would like to ask you a few questions. I noticed that there are a few GS7 LPN's at the VA but I was under the impression that you could only obtain a GS 6 as an LPN. I'm still pretty new to the VA and not really sure how to navigate the system yet.

If anybody else, who may not be an LPN GS 7, has any information on the subject- I'm happy to hear from you as well.

Thanks in advance.

I was currently hired as a gs7 lpn I have 6 years experience

BishopLPN, BSN

Specializes in Psychiatric Nurse/Addiction Nurse.

Where roughly are you located? What position did you get hired for? I have 7 years experience and was hired in as a GS 6 set 4.

I was hired for a floor position at the long term community center located in New Orleans as a gs7 step 1

I have been with the VA for 3 years and I am a GS6, highest for my position. I have never seen a GS7 LPN posting around here. Maybe they don't leave haha!

I have been a nurse at the VA for 28 years and I am a GS 6-10. I can't go any higher because over here we don't have G-7. There is only one and you would have to surpass everything (a god nurse) =\

So I also work as a LPN gs 6 step 6 at the Butler VA. I am curious who can help or point me in the right direction on how to obtain or be able to become a gs 7? Also how many ppl out there that work for a VA are a gs7 or higher and what VA do you work for?


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