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Specializes in ICU/CCU, OR, Corrections.

I have recently applied for a VA position and got a congratulations email. I submitted my NPSB assessment, but they only asked for me to briefly describe my leadership experience, any administrative experience, any research and professional awards or teaching. I wrote as much as I could, but they didn't leave much space, they did not talk about dimensions, but I tried to include the things I've seen here with examples. I'm a BSN of 25 years with ICU/CCU, OR, Corrections, charge, preceptor, multiple projects, awards, some Quality Improvement and Infection control experience... I currently work for another federal agency that is on the GS scale. They maxxed me out for a staff nurse at a GL 10-10, (83,000) but gave me a 10% (92,000) retention bonus to make up for the poor salary. Will the VA use that salary to determine my salary at the VA? or is there a chance they will grade me based on education and experience and put me at a nurse II step 11 or 12 (102,000ish)where I personally think I should be??

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