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UWF BSN Spring 2021


Hello everyone! I have been looking for a forum for the UWF Spring 2021 and have not found any. Therefore, I decided to create one! I submitted my application about three weeks ago. I am very nervous! I feel that my stats are average. Here are my stats (Feel free to share yours!)

Overall GPA: 3.76 Pre-Req: 3.65

TEAS: 80%

Math: 88%

Reading: 87%

Science: 72%

English: 75%

Volunteer work: Lacking, only have a handful of it. I am a military spouse and move around a lot, plus work honestly takes A'LOT of my time.

P.S. UWF is my 2nd choice, my first choice is UTSA as we are stationed closer over here.

Hello! I got my acceptance letter last week to start Spring 2021!

Hey! I did too! See you then if you accept. 

Awesome! My name is Jonsie, I did accept 🙂 

That's great! I also accepted my offer. Do you know how the program is? My name is Samira 

I don’t. I hear awesome things though. Do you know how many months it is?

I believe it is 3 consecutive semesters. So Summer included, I was looking at past acceptance letters and it does say Summer classes will be a thing. Are you in Pensacola? 

So 15 months is something I keep hearing. I am in central Florida right now. How about you? 

Yeah, that sounds about right! and I am in west Texas right LOL pretty far. UWF was not my first choice but I decided to take it because my first choice has not gotten back to me yet and my family is in Pensacola. We're here now with the military. 

Very far! I love Florida though! Keep an ear out for your first choice of course. I applied to UWF and one local ADN program. It will be nice for you to get back to family. Military life is tough I bet. 

yes I am but by the looks of it they won't be sending admission decisions anytime soon and I'd rather not chance it. and yeah true, but it's honestly not bad! 

Would you be living on base? I went this weekend to tour Pensacola

No, unfortunately, my husband has to stay behind in Texas to complete his orders. I am going to be on the lookout for a rental for me and our dogs. My parents live in Pensacola in Perdido key though so I have been to the area a'lot in the last 5 years. If you have any questions 

Awh! I’m sorry, that’s hard no doubt. It will fly by you’ll be so busy with school and you’ll have your dogs! I think I found a place this weekend. IDK how to message on here but I’d love to stay in touch as info comes out before we start 🙂 

It is! We definitely have told ourselves it is just temporary. My husband got a date for the State trooper academy in Florida when he's done with his time in the military so definitely sacrifices have to be made. I am not sure either, but you can add me on facebook if you'd like.  Samira Horqque. 

That’s a good attitude! I don’t have facebook but I put my email address on your page, I think haha 

I got it! Here is mine sami-916@Hotmail.com 

I'm applying for Summer 2021. Does anyone mind leaving their stats that got accepted? I'm worried about my TEAS. I'm taking it Tuesday, but I'm 35, with 3 kids, and a deployed husband so I haven't got to study much and some of my classes are older so not fresh in my mind. 

My stats are:

Pre-req GPA: 4.0

Total GPA: 3.8

TEAS: N/A yet

Prior Bachelor's, with Soci/Psych combo and Med Term, no volunteer work recently enough to count.