Uwf bsn program....average teas, gpa ect


Any accepted to UWF's nursing program or know people...im looking to find out about what they are looking for with the TEAS SCORE , average GPAs, ect! any info is greatly needed! thanks =)

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Well I am a current UWF student (not nursing student) and I can tell you that this is the first year they are requiring the TEAS, it was normally the NET. I have no idea about the average gpa.

... also they only accept 40 students per year and if you don't make the minimum on the teas they will automatically reject you. Speaking from experience here (with the NET test)


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oh okay! thanks! I took the Teas here the other week and they are asking for a min of a 73 and i ended up with a 76.5 so i think i may take it again just be on the safe side. its just so nerve racking


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I am also trying to find out what GPA and what score on TEAS do I need to get in to UWF. I have 4.0 on prereq and 3.87 overall GPA. Tomorrow I am taking TEAS. Anyone has any idea what score would get me in?