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I was hoping to get some kind of an idea regarding where I stand as an applicant and potential student of the University of Washington's Nursing School. I couldn't find any helpful statistics online, but perhaps personal communication can be the answer.

Here is some information about my academic and personal career so far:

Current Class: Sophomore at University of Washington (Seattle campus)

Current Cumulative (Undergrad.) GPA: 3.5

Time of Application: I plan to apply at the end of Autumn quarter of my Junior year, and begin Nursing school (if accepted) the following Autumn (of 2019)

- I had originally planned to earn a bachelor's degree in biology and attend medical school, but recent experiences have since changed my mind, and I now wish to head into healthcare through nursing

- I have been volunteering at a local hospital (Swedish hospital) for almost a year and have slightly over one hundred hours of service, consisting of direct patient and registered nurse contact (NOT gift shop or front desk volunteering)

- Since I originally planned to major in biology and attend medical school, I have taken and completed the following courses not required as prerequisites for the School of Nursing:

- Biology introductory series (180,200,220); Cumulative GPA: 3.6 (Biology 220 is in progress)

- Chemistry introductory series (142,152,162); Cumulative GPA: 3.2 (3.8 in first course, req. for nursing)

- Starting this autumn, I plan to take the prerequisites for the nursing school (other biology classes such as 118,119, organic chemistry, physiology, anatomy, etc.) and finish the prerequisites before the program begins in Autumn 2019.

- I am determined and can depend on myself to complete these courses with at least a 3.0 GPA in each course (at least 3.5 in most)

- This summer, I plan to complete a NAC (Nurse Assistant Certified) program to earn a CNA certificate and possibly work as a part-time CNA

Other information that may or may not be of value:

- I am a MALE applicant (UW Nursing is around 10% male population)

- I can speak English, Russian (not 100% fluent, can informally speak with others), and Tajik (from country of Tajikistan)

- I am a first-generation student coming from a small family of three with household income in the ~15th percentile (very low income)

- I take pride in my ability to write well and have used this to my advantage throughout my academic journey

A request for anyone that wishes to contribute:

Please read through what I have said carefully, as this is one of the more important decisions I have to make in my life. I am looking for opinions and information from those that have applied to UW nursing or those that have experience with the admissions process at the institute (or similar schools).

Please let me know if any important information has been left out!

Thank you!

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Hello Silotolis,

I did have a plan like you (major in Biology, did sequences of gen chem, bio and then would go for medical school). However, I changed my mind.

I did not apply to UW, but if I was you I would

+ volunteer more and start working as CNA as soon as you can (I believe UW asks for 100+ hours of volunteering, but ofcourse most applicants have more.)

+ look for nurses that could give you a GREAT recommendation letters

+ aim for as high Gpas as you could

+ have a back up plan?

+ start to work on your personal statement?

+ and do more reading on here too!

A friend of mine who got in got 3.8 Nursing Gpas, 3.6 Cumm Gpas, 500+ hrs volunteering, 800+ hrs CNAs. 2 RNs gave her great recommendations. Her proctored test went well. This doesn't mean you will need to have all of these. However, UW is competitive and you will have to be one of the best!

Good luck!

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