UVA CNL 2019

Nursing Students Pre-Nursing


I wanted to start a thread for students applying for UVA's CNL program this year.

Hi! Do you know when we should hear about whether we got chosen for a interview or not?

Around min-Nov

anyone knows what the acceptance rate is?

The website says they had 130+ applicants and accepted around 42! So about a 32% acceptance. Good Luck :)

Anyone heard anything yet? Its mid November (Finally)

Scheduled my interview for Dec 7. Also interested to hear from current students about what the interview is like. Are there any group aspects or is it all individual/one-on-one? How long should we expect to be there?

Did you find anything about the interview? Got mine on the 7th as well. Good luck

Hope interview went well for u guys.

fingers crossed for the final results

Anyone hear anything back yet? Dying to hear back. I was told at the interview we should hear back "well before Christmas" and also heard within two weeks of the conclusion of interviews.

Me too! Haven't heard anything but anxiously checking my email every 10 minutes.

Well I'm guessing it's gotta be probably tomorrow or Friday assuming they send emails on business days and before the holiday :nailbiting: good luck everyone!

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