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UTMB and Nursing Cas


Hello All!

I will be applying to UTMB for the fall 2015 semester. I have two questions I'm hoping someone will have insight to. Any help appreciated!

1. Do I need to enter all of my coursework in the transcript entry on Nursing Cas or just pre-reqs?

2. Can I submit my Nursing Cas application without my TEAS score (taking in December). I think I have everything else completed on the application.



Yes, you have to submit all course work.

No, you an't submit without the TEAS score. You use to be able to and the app would just sit at the school until they arrived.

I picked this info up at the open house last week when I was there for an interview.

Best of luck.

Thanks for the answers!

Anytime. If you have anymore questions hit me up or there is a group of us going into the summer semester in another thread.

It can be stressful - I don't know what was worse, getting the app in or the waiting.

I have a question :)

I took my Teas this past Saturday and submitted my nursing cas application. It states that payment is received and transcripts are received but not verified. Will these need to be verified before the UTMB application deadline? They also have two evaluations I put in as not verified too. I'm nervous I won't make the 1/15 deadline because the info isn't verified.