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Utilization Review Nurse at BCBS



Does anyone do utilization review nursing at Blue Cross and Blue Shield/Anthem, if so is it a work at home job and how do you like it? What are some of the Pros and Cons? Thanks

Hello. I know you posted this a while ago, but perhaps still helpful for you or others. I do UR for BCBS but not Anthem. Most UR/prior auth positions are telephonic reviews. Easy work if you are able to understand insurance. Some people get it, others simply don't. Most work from home. When I do go into the office it's like a ghost town. However, at least in my company, you usually have to work for about a year before they will allow you to work from home. This is obviously because of training. And even after training, you'll still have issues/questions until you are completely comfortable. There have been some who started working from home in less than a year. Good luck!