Utica ABSN Clearwater Florida May 2021

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I am starting a thread hopefully to meet other students who will be starting Utica’s ABSN program in May. I am still waiting to hear back from a couple programs closer to home but as of now I have been conditionally accepted into Utica’s program.  I will have to move to Clearwater from San Diego and I am hoping to find other nursing students who need roommates. Hope to hear back and good luck!


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im also interested in the program. I recently found out about it but there’s not a lot of info about it. When is the deadline for May 2021? 


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So I think it’s a fairly new program in Clearwater and that’s why there isn’t a whole lot of information. Fill out the request form. Someone will reach out to you shortly after that and I would get my unofficial transcripts from all the colleges you attended ready to email because my advisor was able to look at them right away and tell me the next step after. It was a pretty simple process and I got a conditional offer shortly after filling out the request form. Hope that helps! Good luck!


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Hey just wanted to comment to follow as im conditionally accepted to the May program in St. Pete