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UTHSC Houston Cizik School of Nursing MSN AGPCNP Fall 2020


Specializes in Transplant & LVAD. Has 4 years experience.

Hello all,

I am applying to the MSN in AGPCNP at UTHealth Cizik school of nursing as a part time student.

I have been a RN for 2.5 years and have worked on a transplant/medsurg floor in the TMC. I graduated with my BSN at UTHSC Houston August 2017. I really enjoy being a bedside nurse but I have an itch to go back to school.

I'm making this so we can all have some idea of how they admit students. Last I saw the deadline for Fall 2020 is June 15th.

I am waiting for two more of my recommendation letters and will finish up my resume and I'll be ready to submit. I also know that they do interviews for basically all MSN programs.

If anyone has any info please feel free to reply.

Hi I applied to the program as well and been waiting to hear back. Have you heard anything about when they are sending out acceptance letters/ interviews?

I applied to the program as well and was wondering if either of you have heard anything from the school.

Yes I had the interview on last Tuesday and got accepted on this Sunday. Hope you hear back soon.

Thank for responding Hope. Did you have a zoom interview or over the phone?

It was on webex. Do you have an interview date set?

Yes, Friday but she just said she would call me.


I am interested in applying to the FNP program at UTHSC for Summer/fall 2021 and wanted to know if others who started the program recently would be willing to share their experiences. How is the workload for 2 classes a semester? I assume everything is all online currently? Do they find your clinical placements? Any advice or any information is greatly appreciated!