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You are reading page 2 of UTHSC BSN TO DNP. If you want to start from the beginning Go to First Page.

It pops up when I search UTHSC SRNA... in the groups search. ... I tried to message you but the website doesn't let me send messages.


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Congratulations everyone who have have received their acceptance at UTHSC! I'm sure that being accepted for CRNA school has validated your perseverance and prowess as a extraordinary individual.

If ya'll don't mind, would everyone be able to share their experiences/stats to other future CRNA hopefuls that wish to one day attend UTHSC like myself? I have not found any recent previous posts here in allnurses regarding acceptance/stats at UTHSC for the past few application years. I understand that acceptance based on stats/experience/GRE/GPA/other factors depends on each admission period applicant's pool. However, it would be very helpful and insightful to see what they have looked for in this year's CRNA applicants.

Thank you for addressing this as I'm sure it may be awkward knowing each other's stats as the class size is very small and everyone will more likely know each other from this forum.