UTEP- Post Master Spring 2019


I applied for the post master certificate at UTEP for Spring 2019. Does anyone know when you find out if your accepted? I have received my acceptance letter from Frontier however, I would rather go to UTEP due to being a post master certificate program and not completing my MSN courses all over again.


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My wife applied to the Spring 2019 FNP program at UTEP (not the post masters). From what I gather, it seems that the interview invitations start going out the first week or two of November. Good luck to you. I got my FNP from UTEP in 2014.



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I applied at UTEP for the Post Master's FNP for spring 2019 as well. I got an email last Tuesday from the advisor stating to email my resume and statement of purpose bc when I applied it never prompted me to do it. She asked to have it in by September 25 or sooner. So I'm guessing they're barely going to start going over apps and then make calls for interviews.


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Thank you! I received that same email last week. I had emailed mine when I submitted my application, but for some reason it wasn't forwarded to Maria. I asked for an estimated date of notification however, I didn't receive a response. I declined my Frontier acceptance yesterday. Hopefully we will hear soon.


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I also sent my letter of intent and resume with my application but it was never attached. I would stay away from the diploma mills. I'm a current Utep student and the program is good and affordable. I really hope I get into the post Master's. I also applied to Texas Tech and I'm waiting to hear back.


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I got my email of acceptance over this weekend.