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UTEP FNP Spring 2018

by mellybelly27 mellybelly27 (New) New

Hi!! 😀 Anyone else apply to UTEP FNP for the spring??

Hey! I have applied for the FNP program at UTEP as well. Have you heard anything yet?

I haven't yet :( It still says under review. Hopefully in September!! Cross our fingers!! Are you local?

Yes fingered crossed!!!! I'm actually from Dallas!!!! 2 of my friends are getting their Master's at UTEP (one PNP and the other in education) and really like it there. Sao thats why I applied. My application status still says its under review as well :( I don't have the most competitive GPA but I'm hoping and praying for the best! Where are you from and what have you heard about the program?

Hey! I applied for the FNP program as well. I did undergrad at UTEP and they were always a little slow communication wise! Hopefully not in this case. Fingers crossed*

Hey! Have you heard anything about interviews? Also how competitive is it to get into the program at UTEP for FNP?

I'm here in El Paso and I know a few people who have gone through the program. They say it's tough but very doable í ½í¸€ I've heard it's pretty competitive to get in, which definitely makes me nervous!

I went to UTEP for my BSN too! I graduated in 2008 í ½í¸Š Hopefully we hear something soon!

Hey!!!!! Has anyone heard anything yet? My application still says the same thing :(

I talked to someone from the school of nursing today and she said they will be reviewing applications through September 29th. Just a few more weeks!

Hopefully we all get in! *fingers crossed*!!!!!

Hey everyone! I spoke with Dr. Singh today and she said they will be calling those applicants they feel are a good fit to set up an interview in the next week or so. Woo hoo!!

Thanks so much for the update!!!

Thank you for the update. Do you know how many the FNP program accepts? If you hear something from them this week, please let us know! Thanks. :-)

Thanks for the update!!! Still waiting to hear back :(

Dr. Singh told me that she did not know how many people applied but that they accept 45 students per semester.

Did you interview yet?