Where is the best wage?

  1. I am graduating in May from nursing school, and was just wondering if anyone could tell me where in Utah is the best paying, or best place to work? I currently live in Southern Utah, and I have heard that nurses "up North" make more money. Is that true? I haven't verified it, but i've heard that nurses here at IHC (which is all there is here) start out at 20.00/hr. (as new grads).
    Does anyone know what nurses start out as in the other parts of the state?
    Just wondering.
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  3. by   presuppose
    I used to work for IHC (1980's to 1990's) and thought I was making a decent wage as a relatively experienced nurse at the time. I am now in the VA system - where I am convinced that I am now making the best wage over any hospital anywhere in Utah. The VA has clinics in So. Utah. Don't know if overall the Southern part of Utah is paying less for nurses than the North.

    Hope this helps.
  4. by   Vida
    I'm only an LPN, but I'm in the NE - in vernal. In Roosevelt I turned down a job at a nursing home for $11/hr. No joke. And they said they paid $1 more than their hosp. I think at the vernal hosp I might make $15/hr....not worth leaving my son for. Pizza Hut is paying $15/hr!

    Thank God we're moving this month! Vernal blows!!