University of Utah healthcare RN pay

  1. What is the pay for nurses with 2 or more years experience.
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  3. by   nurseman78
    I know this post is a little old, but I'll answer anyway. I hate to see questions unanswered.

    I was just hired onto the U in their ICU Float Pool. I have 1 year of SICU experience, and I was hired on at $23.00/hr. Hope this gives you an idea. I would say it's around that.
  4. by   Trauma_Guy
    Random question nurseman78. What do you think of the U's ICU Float Pool...I have a job offer from them for the Float Pool but am still deciding and it would nice to hear about it from someone on the inside!
  5. by   nurseman78
    I haven't started working for the U yet, so I don't know. I start in January.
  6. by   Trauma_Guy
    I was wondering what you thought of the float pool now that you've started working in it?
  7. by   nurseman78
    The float pool has been great. I work in all of the ICU's and the ER. The float pool staff is fantastic and very supportive. I got a great orientation and I am learning a lot. They have a great Basic ICU course that I am taking as a refresher for my CCRN prep.

    My assignments have been great, too. My first day off of orientation I still had some sick patients. I am impressed with the acuity here, too. One of the first patients I had off of orientation was on a vent with pressors and sedation. Not bad for a first assignment. And they give you the opportunity to take more acute patients by attending classes after six months to a year, such as the balloon pump class, the CRRT class, etc. I have already had CRRT patients in my previous place of employment, but I don't really mind not having them for awhile. CRRT is interesting, but not my favorite thing in the world.

    I am very happy with the transition.
  8. by   Trauma_Guy
    What was your orientation like?
  9. by   nurseman78
    Quote from Trauma_Guy
    What was your orientation like?
    My orientation consisted of rotating for about 3 days through the burn/trauma ICU, MICU, SICU, neuro ICU, huntsman cancer ICU, intermediate care unit, and the ER. I also chose to take their basic ICU series, as I've only worked in SICU for a year and I feel that there is a lot I can learn from that class. It's been great so far.