1. Well here is the scoop i currently work at an LTC and don't get me wrong i love what i do, but no matter how hard i work and no matter what i do our adminstration is horrible. We never have the supplies we need and they have a lot of horrible aids that do not follow the rules where it is border line abuse. I love where i work though because of the patients but the staffing is starting to interfere with my school. I have been looking for another LTC to work for but no one is hiring around my area. Recently last week a physical therapy team at a local hospital offered to give me a job being an aid for them. My problem is that i love being a CNA and I am currently in nursing school so i can't have my job interfere with my school. I was wondering if it might be a good idea to make a temporary switch to get me through this last push until i'm an LPN? Please anyone i need some advice from people who have been to nursing school all ready! Thanks!
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  3. by   snowboardergirl123
    Pick a job that you enjoy that fits with your work schedule. I think PT aide would be great experience for nursing!
  4. by   mac20
    Thanks i think i'm going to go with it because it works with my schooling so well! Looking forward to being an LPN in a year!!!
  5. by   catwoman66
    I agree with Mac20, also, in LTC, when you start to see supplies dwindle it can indicate that the facility is having financial problems. I would definately take another job in that situation, because nursing homes have been shutting down due to the recession/economic strain. Low supplies and putting up with substandard care/staff are BIG red flags.
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