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This question is for anyone who has taken any of the AP general courses. Approximately how close to the start of classes do they post the book lists and/or syllabus? I really would like to get my books and only 1 of the classes I'm enrolled in has a book posted so far. Thanks!


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Anyone that has taken any of the online courses know the answer?


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I typically saw it posted a couple of weeks before starting. You might be able to email the professor if you know who that is.


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Also I have just called the bookstore and told them with class I'm enrolled in and that I'm in the AP program online classes and they will tell you what you need...often they will even give the book number and you can look it up online.


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this is the information directly from 's website:

textbook information

not every course requires the purchase of textbooks, but all courses will have required readings either from the e-reserves in the ut arlington online library, designated website readings, or specific results from database searches.

to view the required reading materials for your course, please visit the ut arlington bookstore and search for your course. you can browse for your books and order them too.

  1. go to the ut arlington bookstore.
  2. click "textbooks and course materials" on the left hand side.
  3. select your division: dyn (for all online courses).
  4. select the department of the course you are enrolled in (i.e. engl for an english course or nurs for a nursing course or math for a math course).
  5. select your course number*.
  6. select your section number*.
  7. click "submit".