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Hi, guys! I haven’t found a thread yet I just got my acceptance to UST for the Spring 2022 semester, was wondering if anyone else got accepted and wanted to connect? 

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I’ve been accepted into the Spring 2022 cohort! 

10 hours ago, ilonahmae said:


I’ve been accepted into the Spring 2022 cohort! 

Congratulations! Are you able to private message me?

I can’t on here. You can message me on Instagram if you like. It’s ilonahmae 

Hey guys, do you mind posting your stats? I'm also applying for Spring 2022 but I just made a 77.3 on my TEAS exam, so I'm nervous. I already took it once last year so do you guys think I could take it again and submit that score instead?

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There are two ways to create a special area for your cohort, that are Terms-of-Service approved.

One is to create a facebook page.  This link is allowed to be posted.

 The other is to create a "Club" within the site, by clicking on the Breakroom link (upper left-hand corner, in the yellow bar) and in the green area, click Start a Breakroom Club.

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