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Anyone know about their BSN ursing progam?

Besides the fact that it's good...? Haha

Sorry this don't really answer your question, but have you tried logging into the USFconnect thing? I've tried at least 20 times now and it won't let me log in to pay that tuition deposit! & I have no idea how to check the version of my browser...too technical....lol...


Specializes in no specialty! (have to graduate first!).

From my research of that school I've determined that it is a good school. But prepared to wait a couple of years to get in. Their wait list is huge. I belive this is true from many of the schools in California.


I tried the USF connect as well, to pay my deposit, but it won't work for us yet. I called and they told me just to mail a check. I guess we are not truely admitted students yet until we send in the intent to enroll.

I already mailed in my Intent to Enroll form last week, but I guess it hasn't been processed yet. I also called the IT people over there regarding my USFconnect account, but it looks like they haven't entered all the newly admitted students into the database or something, so I think I might just make a trip out there to pay it in person as well as turn in my final transcripts because I'm pretty iffy about sending $250 in the mail. :no:

Has anyone applied or is anyone applying to the USF Master's Entry-CNL program? Anyone know anyone in the program or anything about? There is NOTHING on the board about it...

Just an update: The IT ppl called again and they said there were some snags in getting the USFconnect accounts up for students admitted for 2009. They're trying to get them up by the end of this week or by next week. Hope this helps for anyone who had a problem signing in!

I am applying for the USF's Direct Entry Masters with the CNL for 2009. Did anyone get in and what were your gpa, undergrad major, etc etc. Thanks, wish you all the best.

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