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I have a few questions about the Accelerated 2nd BS degree Nursing program at USF.

I will be transferring in with a BS in Biology and needing to take 5 pre-req's, 2 of which are the A & P sequence. I saw that this is offered on the web. Do you have to go to campus for any part of this course??

Also, how hard is it to get in. I will be transferring in with a 3.4 and I know I need to make A's in my 5 remaining pre-req's. Do you think that will be good enough or should I find some other course of study to become a nurse.

Any opinions on the program are appreciated!


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i am taking the online microbiology lecture and lab at usf with the same instructor listed in coquito85's reply to my post. (see link below). i am following coquito85's advice and am doing fine. we do not have to go to campus. everything is online. my understanding is that his a & p classes are the same way. i will be taking a & p 2 next term with him.

also, here is a recent post regarding usf's accelerated program.

hope this helps.


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Just to let you guys know, USF has suspended their summer accelerated BSN program due to budget cuts. They are only going to have the Fall program 1x a year. This is very disappointing as I have aMasters and live in Tampa area. There are no other colleges here that are offering this program.

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