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Hi all,

My wife went in for a D&C this morning and not only has she been through a lot emotionally with the miscarriage and D&C procedure she is now overcome with anxiety about another issue which happened post surgery...i'm hoping for some advice so i can understand what the risks are

Whilst in recovery, the nurses moved her from the trolley to a bed to make her more comfortable. 10 minutes later, one of the support nurses came to her bed, spoke to the nurse who provided the bed and asked where she got it from. The nurse said something like 'outside' and the support nurse was apparently very angry with her and confirmed that the bed had been used by another patient already who had gone down to theatre (it still had their name tag on at the end)

My wife heard of all of this and is worried sick that she is get something from lying in that bed. She did mention this to the nurses who brushed it off (although she said they quickly changed the sheets she was lying in about 10 minutes later after being called to another room).

Please can you confirm firstly, in your professional opinion is a disease/infection likely to spread to her? and secondly, whether we should proceed to flag this with the hospital (staff) in question?

I feel so bad as she has been through a lot and thought it was nearly over....and then this happens.

Thanks in advance

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I wish your wife continued healing...

Please raise your concerns with the Managers and Administrators at the hospital.

As we do not know the whole situation's background, no one here is able to offer any advice.

Closing this now, all the best to you and your wife.

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