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Use of ms-contin with oxyfast


I've noticed a number of instances now where I find a patient on Ms-Contin but with Oxyfast rather than Roxanol for breakthrough. I think they may have all been the same doctor. Is there a rationale I am not seeing here? It just seems to make titration unnecessarily complicated to me. Does anyone else see this?

If Oxyfast is the same thing as oxycodone ir than , yes i see it frequently. The rational is your getting 2 different meds to attack the pain receptors and decrease your pain level.

Yes, Oxyfast is the concentrated liquid form whereas Oxycodone IR is the capsules.

Your response makes sense to me, Kewl. But then why do I always read that the same med should be used for the breakthru pain as the long acting? I feel like I am missing a puzzle piece here. Hmmmm. I'll have to go research exactly which receptors are used by which meds....


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Why not use liquid morphine for breakthrough? I don't understand why she is on long-acting morphine, but then switching to liquid oxycodone? Doesn't make sense to me.

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