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Hello all,

I have to say that I love this drug and use it frequently in our ER, We do not use it as an RSI agent but once an airway is established it is wonderful to utilize. Its effects will dimish very quickly with lowering the rate or discontinuing the use. It does have side effects as with any drug but its usefulness outways it complications in my opinion.

Now, we are not by any means using this drug like an anesthesiologist would or using for purposes such as conscious sedation, procedures etc.

Many times we are fighting to keep the patient from pulling out tubes and injuring him/herself and then we send the patient to ICU and when we get there to the department the ICU nurse is waiting with the drug in hand ready to hook up and then she can sit back and not fight as we have done for the last ??? hrs. It really is crazy.

I for one am thankful for this drug and finally getting the ability to use it in the ER, We have had it for about 2yrs now.

Melissa RN BSN

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