USC Versant New Grad RN Residency Program April 2024

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Hi everyone, I submitted my application for the ICU and tele positions and my application is still under review, has anyone gotten a call?

thank you !


Hi! I submitted mine and still under review also!

Mine is still under review! how did everyone submit their application? did you guys include unofficial transcript 

I submitted yesterday and status changed to "under consideration".  I also only submitted a resume and answered the questions asked in the online application.  Were there options for you guys to submit cover letters, letters of rec, or transcripts because I could not find a place to do that?

Mine changed to "under consideration" too, it says on the website to attach to it to the application and make a file with your cover letter, personal statement and transcripts

NurseMM444 said:


NurseMM444 said:




Thanks for the heads up and dang I totally missed that, just saw all that information under the "How to Apply" tab on the Residency Program main page.  I initially applied directly through the ICU/CCU job listing link on the careers site.  Guess I gotta reapply with everything order LOL.

applied to the tele app ? following. attached my resume, cover letter, personal statement, transcripts, and LORs.

I got a phone call but I never got the link or email confirming the interview.. do they send it the day before or should k follow up? I'm getting nervous ? 

Have most people heard back for an interview? my status still says under review and I haven't heard back for an interview

I applied and got a call about a week after so it may vary based on your application submission date bc I know it's still open 

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