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Hello Nurses!

I just wanted to shout out and reach out to anyone who is attending USC for the FNP program. USC in Los Angeles not South Carolina :) I would love to know who would be joining me this January 2019!

Please message me! :D


I have been admitted to USC summer 2020. I am also waiting to hear back from Alabama's FNP program as well.

Is USC worth the tuition cost? How has the program been since you started?

Thanks in advance!

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I’m finishing with USC in May. I suggest state school with less student loans.


Congratulations on finishing, and that is what I’m thinking. $90k is a lot, haha. How was USC’s FNP program, did you feel prepared in your clinicals/ for the boards? How was the process of getting placed for clinicals?

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I actually like the program. I think they prepared me well into practice. Our last semester is mainly review for certifications. The school found all my clinical placements. I’m in an urgent Care with my last rotation. Although it’s online, you do need to attend a live class. So it’s basically the same as going to class. We had simulations and live patients as well to practice including doing pelvic exams. Instructors are very supportive.
I do not like however the 2 social work class, 2 research class, and 1 policy class.

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