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USAGPAN Direct Accession

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Just looking to start a general thread for anyone looking into USAGPAN as a direct accession.

I applied to the Navy in 2013 but was permanently DQ'd (wrongfully in my opinion) for "pancreatitis" after I had a laparoscopic cholecystectomy in 10/12 and ERCP the following day for stones stuck in the duct. My amylase and lipase were elevated, so the MEPS doctor called in pancreatitis. Really, it can be elevated secondary to the gall stones with out being labeled pancreatitis and it would be acceptable and I would pass MEPS. Anyway, I put in a waiver for the Navy, which for some reason was denied. Now that I have my required two years of experience, I am looking into the Army. And more specifically, I am looking into the Army's CRNA program. But I have to get cleared by MEPS first. Cross your fingers I do.

Anyway, while I'm sorting this pancreatitis thing out, I was wondering how long it took some of you to do your application? I'm looking to submit June of 2015. I think I am starting the application process early enough. I'm studying for my CRNA and will test for that in the next few weeks. Also studying for GRE and I will probably test for that before the end of the year. I need to take a stats class (speaking of which, anyone know of a good online stats class?). Otherwise, I have all of the general admission requirements done.

I'm sure I'll have to get some recommendations written, but I'll wait til I actually get cleared by MEPS or granted a waiver. I'm a travel nurse, so those will be a bit harder to pin down. I'm waiting to do the Northwestern University App until MEPS clears me as well (and I have the other requirements done).

Also was curious on other timelines. I get that you submit in June, find out if accepted before boards?, then wait for November to be accepted by the board?, and sometime between Nov and Dec you find out you are accepted, then get orders in Jan and pre-BOLC in February and BOLC right after? Then start the program in June?

Also, in general, was wondering how Direct Accessions are adjusting to the military. Personally, I'm single and no dependents, so I don't have to adjust my family life.

Any advise to give my application more of an edge?

Sorry for such a long post. Lots of questions. And lots of hurdles to overcome. I feel like I'm a bit stuck until the MEPS thing gets sorted out...

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