USA ER NP mistake????


Anyone out there who can ease my mind? Current USA students? After a long agonizing month of stalking these boards I decided to take a chance and accept admission to USA ER NP program. Things haven't gone very smoothly so far. The uploading of documents in certified background was a difficult process with many emails to the program assistant to get overrides.

Yesterday I received an email from a "credential & degree analyst" with my correct first & middle names but wrong last name asking for documents I sent in with my application months ago! I contacted her and she stated "oh it was just a typo on the last name & I guess the college of nursing lost what I need"!! I sent it to her immediately then logged into my student account and noticed it said "application incomplete" and had transcripts listed for colleges I have never attended!!!! I just spent a small fortune getting the background & health requirements done when I was accepted to another school that starts in 6 days! I'm sick that I wasted a lot of time and money on USA!


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Im in the ENP program and have never had any issues at all.


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Im in the ENP program and have never had any issues at all.

Thank you for responding! How far are you into the program? Feel happy with your decision? I sent out emails yesterday asking for explanations and left voicemails but no response yet.