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Well as a UK student I'm curious. US RN's are meant to earn more than us UK RN's, so I wondered what you guys got whilst you train?

The funding system is all over the shop in the UK, u get various amounts depending on a) where you live, i.e. england, scotland etc, b) what course you're doing - i.e diploma or degree (less money on offer for degree) and c) other things like dependents, age etc...

on average if u studied in england and were single you would get just £5,300 p/a which is $8,300 USD. Not very much really and diploma students aren't eliagble for student loans too..

So what about you lot?



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students may get academics scholarships, grants, loans, or employers may "foot" the bill with the student repaying by working with that employer for x amount of time after finishing school. there are many who pay their own way through school. some may get a full scholarship as well. we do not automtically get a set amount of money to attend school, that i know of, unless it is a full scholarship. others may be able to add to this thread.

is this what you are asking about?


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No one pays us a stipend or allowance to attend school. We have to pay our own expenses, plus pay for the cost of school - tuition, books, uniforms, etc.

Some or most are eligible for student financial assistance in the forms that Stephany listed above, but... For the most part, we're on our own, money-wise.

Donna :)


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Thanks for the info. Big difference in funding, probably cos there's a big difference in our health systems!

Good luck! :)

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