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Hello everyone,

I am a new RN with an Associates Degree and an currently practicing in Wisconsin in a subacute/rehab facility. My husband, our 2 children and I are considering relocating permanently to Australia, Sydney more specifically, within the next few years. I don't plan on getting my BSN before the move and am wondering what are AU employers looking for? Does anyone know how I would find out if my degree and license would be reciprocated in AU and I would be able to practice there and also how would I go about obtained this info? Is the a board of nursing that determines credentialing for immigrant nurses? I have read some of the other posts but am still a little foggy of how the process works. Also, I would like to know what are AU's "laws" about gaining citizenship. I hope it is nothing like how the US grants citizenship! I would also like to know what the median salary for nurses are there. Any additional info would be welcomed and greatly appreciated too!


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Salary varies by state: check Wageline website

Process is listed in detail in many posts if you try a search here? You should try the international forum, not the aus/nz forum.

Process is to get sponsored for permanent resident visa, then after a period of time you are eligible for citizenship. This is all on the Aust government website, have a read.

Look at NSW board of nursing's requirements for overseas trained nurses.