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Hello ! My name is Jasmine and I am currently working as a nurse here in the US. I am a native born in the US and completed my BSN and passed my NCLEX here. I am currently working on a cardiac step-down unit.

My main question is that I am planning on moving to the emirates next year, and I really don't know much about how licensing works in the emirates.

How do I transfer my license overseas?

Are there exams I need to take instead of the nclex?

I hear people talking about HAAD, but if I took the nclex, is that enough?

Also, if I am planning on moving there, should I try looking for job openings before moving?

Sorry for the questions, but I really don't know how things work in the emirates. If anyone could please enlighten me on this matter, I would greatly appreciate it.


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it depends on which emirate you will be moving to..HAAD for abu dhabi or DHA for dubai. For the DHA, they will interview you for approx 15 mins asking you questions usually based on your work area. what will your visa be when you move to the uae? will you be a dependent or a visit visa?

I'm planning on moving there permanently, so I guess a dependent visa. I was planning on moving to either Dubai or Sharjah, but I guess it really depends on job availability.

So DHA and HAAD are equivalent to NCLEX?


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yes..if dubai then you will apply thru DHA. there are some private hospitals in dubai that prefer Western educated nurses, and they do pay well. licensing in sharjah i'm not so sure but the hospitals in dubai are better. there are hospitals that sponsor your visa, and there are certain benefits to it like getting a round trip ticket yearly.

anyway, go to this webpage for registering in dubai - Dubai Health Authority ( DHA ) Â - Â Professional


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I am a US citizen critical care Registered nurse I have my eligibility letter from Dubai Health authority, was wondering if anyone have an idea on how to apply to hospitals and/or agency in Dubai. and is it easy to find hospital that would hire there.