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Hey everyone,

I am an RN from the US. I have a Texas LVN and RN license. I have an ADN degree from excelsior college and work as staff and charge nurse on step down CCU unit.

I am interested in moving to canada but am very confused on the process. I am interested in Manitoba.

Do I contact an employer and will they help get me a work visa?

Do I contact travel agency and will they help me get a work visa?

What if I marry a canadian, how does that affect me getting residency in Canada?

I don't know if I should get work visa, or permanant residency or what? All of this is very confusing for me.

Hopefully someone will have some insight for me?!?!?!?


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You could try applying for jobs in the province you'd like to work in, but most employers will not give you the time of day until you pass the boards (CRNE) and register with the college of nursing in the province you'd like to practice in.

For Canadian's coming to the US, they can obtain TN visas.

For US citizens going to Canada, you usually require a job offer which could allow you to apply for a work permit (which would be a type of visa). Also, you could also go the skilled worker route of becoming a permanent resident of Canada.

To even write the CRNE you have to be a citizen of Canada or permanent basically it's Hobson's Choice.:scrying:

The permanent residency application can take anywhere from 3-6 months to process once all of the requirements are submitted to Canadian immigration. Check out these websites: , .

Also, I don't know about Manitoba, but some provinces (like Ontario) require you to have a bachelor's degree in nursing. If you have an associates degree then you would be considered in Ontario to be what we in the US call an LPN.

You can PM me if you'd like.


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Also, marrying a Canadian just to get "admission" to Canada does not work. I would definitely not advise doing that for the purpose of a free pass....because it doesn't work that way.


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I suppose you could try applying for positions where you weren't practicing nursing in Canada, but where your healthcare background would be a benefit. Like with one of the pharmaceutical companies, for example.

I really enjoy discussing this topic! :) Just examining the possibilities and brainstorming, you know?

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Nafta TN visa is available for American nurses that wish to work in Canada. It works both ways between the countries.

It is a trade agreement between the two of them, and is not one sided.


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Does the NAFTA TN applies to permanent residents here int he US? or for US citizens only? What exactly does it mean? Is it like a work permit that does not got hrough a lot of processing?