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Hello fellow nurses applying for direct accession into active nurse corps positions for the Navy. I was informed today that the boards will be held this Friday with over 40 commission kits under consideration nationwide. I'm from the Seattle area and I'm one of four for my side. Not sure how many they're taking for active but the LTJG in charge said it's "tight." just wanted to goodluck to those applying. For me it's 1 year and a few months coming. Post if you guys know any info that might be useful.



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Hi Oldlove,

I knew they were reviewing packets soon but had no idea that it would be tomorrow. I started my packet in April 2009 (egads! has it really been nearly a year and a half?) and am in Arizona, no idea how many other packets are being submitted from this region. They've had a lot of critical care nurses apply from what I understand and I'm a psych nurse so I don't think I'll stand much of a chance if there aren't many slots; what background do you come from? Sorry, I'm not much of a source of information, but it is nice to chat with someone else who's waiting :)

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Hi Farawaysoclose

It's always nice when people can empathize with each other. :] My background is in Emergency Nursing, I've been doing that now for 2+ years. I'm finishing up my BSN in 4 weeks. I am prior Hospital Corpsman, too. I was put in what's called direct accession, as far as how I should submit my kit. I'm reading that you started your kit April 2009! OMG I'd be a total wreck by now, so sorry to hear that :/ I started mine Sept. 2009, what a horrendous process huh?

As far as total numbers of kits 40+ was the 'solid' estimate. I wish I knew how many slots. Oh well I guess. I know I'm not the only one to say this, but I wish recruiters would actually recruit :]

As far as you being a psych RN, I would think with so many sailors and marines and the issues of war, that there would be an extreme demand for your specialty. Either way I feel good karma coming from you :]

I spoke to a Navy recruiter today, and she said they have an urgent need for Psych RN's so that should be good news for you! Good luck!

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Congrats on being nearly finished with earning you BSN, Oldlove, that's a tough journey. With that much experience in emergency nursing they should be eager to have you in the nurse corps :) Where are you hoping to get stationed?

I can tell you after the long wait I would be disappointed if I heard that I wasn't accepted but relieved to just move on with my life with as many things as I've had to put on hold over the last year. However I'd be infinitely more excited to be accepted and get started with a Navy career :D

Thanks for the reassurances, Aktexas and Oldlove, it really does help.

Hello fellow nurses,

This is in response to everyone post. I to applied to the Navy Nurse Corps and am awaiting to see if I get selected. However it seems like you guys have a couple years of nursing experience where I am just a new grad. I am not sure if that means I stand less of a chance getting selected, I hope not. If anyone has heard anything I would be greatly appreciated if you share. Good luck to everyone. I know there is about 4-6 people from my region that applied. I am from California.



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