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US LPN wanting to work in Canada

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This is the first time I submit a question. I am currently an LVN/LPN in Texas and I am wanting to move to Alberta or New Brunswick. I know that I have to go through the NNAS first and then contact the college of Nurses in the province I want to work at. Then I know that I must have a Job offer in order to obtain a work permit to move to Canada. 

But is there any way to know if my LPN is equivalent to Canada LPN, instead of having to wait for the NNAS and college? I just finished my program in 2019 (I don't know if that helps) And how can I get a job offer if I don't even know my LPN equivalency?

I read a thread posted in 2006 about a 46 y/o LPN with a similar situation and then she updated about 8 months later that she didn't have any problems and got a job offer and is working in Canada, that's how she acquired her permit. The job even offered relocation assistance. wow! That'll be ideal.

Thanks in advance!

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Really until NNAS do their assessment it is hard as LPN training in Canada is 2 years where I believe US is 1. 

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