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As a UK citizen enrolling at a US college, on a nursing diploma/degree course, will I get my tuition fees paid for by the college-affiliated hospital, if I commit to working for a contracted period, post-qualification? And will I be eligible for a bursary, in the same way that non-EU nursing undergraduates are in the UK?


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It depends on the hospital. I don't know of any hospitals that pay 100% of tuition. I don't know what you mean by a bursury. You would have to check on the hospital. It is difficult for US citizens to get financial aid at all. Not sure why you are in US for the education but welcome to the USA.

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I would imagine that it would depend on the specifics of the program and your financial aid agreement. I have a friend in my class from Nigeria, and I know that she is eleigible for the loan repayment through our affiliated hospital, just like anyone else. I have no idea what a bursary is so I can't help with that!


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It would be free in the UK; I know that for a fact. Is it necessary for you to stay here? Not that you aren't welcome, I'm just saying that schooling in the UK may be more affordable.

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