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US Citizen/Student to Canada (Ontario) for RN

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Hi all -

I am a 3rd year BSN student currently (spring 2020) and a US Citizen. I'll be graduating in May 2021 and am looking to get a head start on some planning for my future nursing career. I am pretty clueless in terms of licensing for the US and additionally for Canada. But, I am trying to decide what my best/the easiest route may be for me to take.

My long-term boyfriend is planning to move to Ontario, Canada for school in the coming year. He has been wanting to pursue a career there for years and I am considering starting mine there as well. Though, I am completely lost when it comes to which route to take in getting my RN

I have considered taking the NCLEX-RN in the US and getting experience here for a year or so, as it seems perhaps easier; but, I don't necessarily want to put down roots away from my partner. Yet, I'm not sure if I could take the NCLEX for Canada and start right off there. Is anyone familiar with this process and able to provide some insight on the best route to take? My current understanding is that it can be a tedious and expensive process, so I would prefer to be as prepared as possible.

Additionally, could anyone point me in the right direction to perhaps get professional counsel on this type of thing? I seriously appreciate any productive input or advice!

Thank you so much. 🙂


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The process for Canada is long and expensive. I would suggest getting registered where you are and gain experience whilst going through the Canadian process. You will not need to sit NCLEX again but will need to meet provincial requirements. CNO is also notorious for being slow due to the huge influx of applications. Also finding job will also take time

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