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Hi everyone,

So recently I've been really getting slammed with news from a local community college that I was going to attend for their nursing program (they basically told me there is a two year wait list :eek: ) and I'm going to be doing STNA (Nurse Aide) training this Spring. I've been going to school for two years already and waiting 2 more years just to go back and do 2 MORE years for my ADN seems absolutely stupid to me. However, I really want to get my BSN and so I was looking at Ursuline college. I have a pretty good GPA (3.303) and hopefully it will go up a little after I finish my Soc class (I'm making an A) :o . But I wanted to know if anyone knows if Ursuline has a wait list? Or if I'm totally out of luck trying to get into a private school like that? I'm really anxious to become an RN and feel like I'm stuck at a dead end :confused: . I've contacted an adviser but am playing the waiting game until they can respond!

Thanks for any help in advance... :redbeathe

DON'T go to Ursuline! They are robbers. I inquired about their program. I did all my homework online and what they dont tell you is that you need to take about 30 credit hours of THEIR classes which are bs classes that wont help you with nursing - totalling about $25,000.

My recommendation is to go to CSU. I have been accepted there. No nonsense, no extra religion classes or cultural classes, although you need one cultural class for the BSN. I am currently going to Tri-C and will do my 3 years nursing at CSU.

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