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So... I currently work in baltimore,but we just bought a house in Harford County. I am very interested in switching to somewhere closer to home such as Upper Chesapeake. I did a ton of clincal rotations there and really liked it while I was in school. I am worried about losing too much money I do pretty well right now. Does anyone know what nurses start at there and what shift differential is? Also anyone have any comments on working there? Do they match any 403b's or 401k's? Do they give money for school and if so how much?thanks!!!


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I live in harford county and have been trying to get a job at UCMC for almost 2 years. I can tell you that they want 2 years recent experience in all of the specialities (definitely PACU, OR, ER). For fulltime I was offered 34/hr on days (I have 9 years exp) and there health insurance benefits looked reasonable. Not sure about tuition reimbursement, etc. I was disappointed with per diem rates- 28/hr flat rate. Good luck to you!


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In spite of the pay, when I worked there it was a hell hole, and it has gotten worse since I left. It is currently being taken over (or merged with) University of Maryland medical center system, so maybe it will improve. You probably already know this, but it is connected with Harford Memorial hosptial in Havre de Grace.

I personally know several nursing students in my graduate class who started off there, and were set up to be fired by other nurses.

They are working on starting a hospice center up in Forest Hill and I hope I will be able to get in on that when it is complete.