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updating resume need advice


Hi everyone. I am trying to update my resume. I am new grad of almost a year. I have posted here before and got wonderful support and advice! My question this time is...when writing up my resume, what all should i list as skills? I mean after you write your title and facility, the next section is for job skills i think. what is a good way to word things? Since I'm an RN i would assume they know i passed meds, etc. Do I write something like coordinated patient care ...I'm at a loss here. I want my resume to be the best! I did not get the job I wanted at my local hospital....it went to fellow grad that listed all the "right" references........we had one instructor in particular that was tough and word has it that if you list her as a ref. you get the job. I didnt even think to ask her at the time because I had accepted a job at a diff. hospital........I am now trying to get into the hospital where i should have started at to begin with! boy am I learning to listen to my gut! This hospital felt VERY comfortable to me when I interviewed and toured. I didnt have the same feeling at the hospital I accepted at!.......and went through HE** while there.......my first big mistake! Now i'm hoping to get in to this other hospital. I have a freind that grad with me who may help me get in! Anyway...what do I put on my resume???????? And is it ok to check the box not to contact former employer?.....will that raise red flags? I plan to say it just wasnt a good fit.....leave it at that........opinions and advice???

There is nothing to stop you from approaching that former instructor now and asking her to be your reference. Use any tip you can. It's all fair when it comes to getting work. I have never listed my skills on a resume. It is assumed that you possess graduate nursing skills. My jobs have all required me to indicate my skill level on forms as part of the hiring process. As for putting do not contact present employer or past employers, several people indicate that even though they mark this box, the prospective employer contacts the present or past employer anyway. This might be a futile effort. I have marked this box before, as a matter of fact, I usually do. Only once have I had to divulge why. I don't think it really had an inpact. If they want to hire you they will. They will either go along with what a previous employer says about you or they will not let any negative reference dissuade them from hiring you. You might have some explaining to do or you might not. It usually depends upon how badly they need you as an employee. If you are being blacklisted, well, that is a hard position to be in. You can't let that stop you from seeking work. You have to live. Legal recourse usually does not work. You just have to keep trying until someone takes a chance with you or listens to your side of the story and hires you anyway. Good luck with your job hunting.

I don't think I didn't get the job because I'm blacklisted. I caused no harm to anyone. I was on orientation when i quit. I think truthfully, I blew the interview by being too honest. I told them I did not have experience with vents and was intimidated by them, but it would a good thing for me to learn. Found out later, most of the vents will be coming to the floor i interviewed on....this is new since I did my clinicals there. Oh well.......I was honest. To lie is not my first impulse. what if I would have said oh yeah, I've had tons of vent patients and lied,,,,then got the job and had my first vent pt. and was clueless??????? I have to trust that things happen for a reason. There are still opwenings on that floor but since it has been about 4 weeks since i interviewed, I consider myself out of the running. No sense in spinning my wheels and waiting. they were to call and let me know either way and didnt have the courtesy to do so! I'm moving on and finding my confidence. Thanks for the advice! appreciate it!

Your comments about the vents intrigued me because I met a nurse once who told me that when asked if she had vent experience, answered, yes, I've seen pictures of them in books! I'm guilty of giving too much info myself, but I agree that it is better to get passed over for being too honest than to be dishonest and find oneself in a pickle. I hate it when they never contact me again, leaving me wondering. At this time, I would call them and inquire, just to set the record straight. Hope you find a good position soon.

That was probably a better answer than mine! I'm trying to convince myself I'm not a crappy nurse......just an inexperienced one looking for an opportunity to learn and grow from a baby nurse to a confident and skilled nurse! I only have 4 months on med/surg and 2 months in LTC. It will be one year since I graduated in May! So much to learn......praying for the right opportunity.

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