Updated info on graduate nursing wages in Northern California vs Southern California


Many of the posts I read on here are outdated by many years. Can anyone give me some year to date information on New Grad RN wages in both southern and northern california.If you could break it down hourly and by base and what the differentials are that would be great! In addition benefits info if you know that as well (such as do they pay health insurance?)

I grew up in southern california but I haven't lived there for 8+ years, contemplating moving back to las vegas or california? I am currently living and finishing school in saint george, UT. And the pay is very low here for new grads.I don't know whether it is worth it to stay here while I finish my BSN only 1 more year or to just leave with my ADN and go make a better living. I know the taxes are much higher in california so if anyone has a breakdown on how much take-home (net) is compared to before everything is taken out (gross) that would be great.

Also I am wondering living in either place northern or southern being that cost of living is pretty high are most nurses just making it or living comfortably? I am a single provider for my household because my wife is disabled and just wondering how difficult that would it be to life there and provide and actually enjoy it?

I appreciate any feedback thank you!


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California is notorious for have a very difficult job market for new nurses, both southern and northern california. Average time to find a job after graduation is 6-9 months, and it might not be a hospital job. For new grads in northern california, the wages can range from $45-70. I know it is a wide range, but it depends on where you work. The cost of living is much much lower in Southern california and most new grads start at $28-37. Each hospital have their own differentials, nurse unions, and contracts; I can't go into wage details because it is so different between hospitals/public vs. private. I would say to move to southern california because even if the wages are lower, so are rent and goods. It is much easier to gain savings and live off one income comfortably